Marvelaa Interior, the notion behind the name is quite fascinating and idolizes the passion of wonderful creativity to be provided to the interiors of commercial and residential places both. We are driven by creativity, magnificence, warming and engaging look to the environment. We know that interior designing is about imagination and inventiveness and this is why we keep focusing on thinking out of the box for our customer’s ambiance.

We have our corporate office in Noida and offer several services in which Home Interior and Office Interior are the major services we provide. We assure our services suites to our customers as per their budget and interest.

Home Interior-

Our home is kind a place where we can relax and gain more energy, so your home must have best interior. And we always help people to make their dream home. Yes! Now you can live in your dreams with your open eyes as such we read your ambitious mind and heart to deliver the satisfied result as per your expectations.

We, at Marvelaa, not only renovate your place but convert it into kind a palace. With the adorable and finest design we also consider Vastu Shastra and analyze the direction to place the things or before making a separation, like direction of your kitchen, Poojaghar, Bathroom, Study-room and many more.

Salient Features of Home Interior Services-

  • Custom Homes and Remodels.
  • Condo/Apartment Remodeling.
  • Brownstone & Townhouse Renovations.
  • Complete Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling.
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Design Services.
  • Architectural Floor Plans.
  • Flooring Installations.
  • Gut Rehabs.

Office Interior-

Office Interior must fuel your employees to clients applauding the ambiance. Undoubtedly, a nice and warming interior design for a workplace brings positivity, enthusiasm, and energy inside everybody who works or visits there. With this concept, the team at Marvelaa Interior strives to create a design for every kind of offices with a proper manner. It may vary with the dimension, space, and nature of the business.

Office Interior Packages

  • Flooring.
  • Window treatments.
  • Modular walls for Floor-to-ceiling.
  • Sound masking.
  • Art and accessories.
  • Ergonomic furniture.

Project Management

Our experts can assist you with:

  • Logistics coordination.
  • Scheduling.
  • General and Trades assistance.
  • Move management.
  • Project finalization.


  • Installing flooring, window treatments, and floor-to-ceiling modular walls.
  • Full reconfiguration services for all major furniture brands.
  • Full installation services.
  • Warranty evaluation.

Marvelaa Interior is one-stop-solution for all types of interior designing services. With years of industry experience and service paid, we would like to keep rolling our prominence every year.

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